Varadero Half Marathon | 10k 


Fernando Pineda Travel Service, in collaboration with the Cuban Athletics Federation, INDER and CUBADEPORTES S.A, organizes the 10k race and the I Varadero International Half Marathon on April 15th 2018, starting at 7:00AM.

Registrations will open November 15th, 2017 and will close March 15th, 2018.


All people can register for the event, being federated or not, providing that they are over 18 years old. Foreign athletes must meet the requirements established by the Cuban Athletics Federation and the IAAF.


Both routes, 10.000 meters (6.2mi) and 21.097 meters, 5 meters (13.1mi), meet the requirements established by the Cuban Athletics Federation and are completely urban and asphalted. Both routes will be properly marked by the organization. Fluid and nutrition stations will be available every 4k (2.5mi) approximately, sponges will be handed out between points. A final provisional point will be located inside the Parque Central.


Start line located at Melia Varadero Hotel and finish line at Parque Central.

Both races will start at 7:00AM. The 10k will close at 9:00AM and the Half Marathon at 10:30, being the maximum official time established to finish the race.

Runners will access to the starting area according to their times. Starting boxes will be available for the Half Marathon and the 10k.All runners must provide a foreseen time during the registration process. The organization has the right to ask runners to prove the foreseen time stated in their registration.


The race will be supervised by judges from the Cuban Athletics Federation.

The timing will be recorded using a “chip system” installed inside the bib numbers.

Bib numbers must be visible during the whole race. All runners competing without a bib number or not being able to complete the full route will be disqualified. It is completely forbidden to take part in the Half Marathon or 10k without a bib number, all runners not obeying this rule will be removed from the race.

The only vehicles authorized to take part in the race will be the ones designated by the organization and will be properly identified. It is completely forbidden to follow the runners by motorbike or bicycle. These types of vehicles will be removed by the police to prevent accidents.


Bib numbers will be collected on Friday 13th April 2018, from 16:00 to 21:00.
and Saturday 14th April 2018 from 9:00 to 21:00.
All runners must collect their bib numbers in person and present their passport or ID to be identified. Bib numbers are personal and non-transferable.


10k race:

- Male and female open/general race ;

For the Half Marathon:

- Male and female open/general race. ;

- Veterans (runner’s age could be checked the day of the race)

- Categories: A: 35-39, B: 40-44, C: 45-49, D: 50-54, E: 55-59, F: 60-64, G: 65-70, H: 70-74, I: 75 years or more. ;

- Official Athletics Wheelchair (M/F)*

* Any athlete using a wheelchair, Hand bike, (noncompetitive) or any other type of wheelchair (noncompetitive) must not overtake any police vehicles. In the event of overtaking, the wheeled vehicle athlete will be disqualified. ;


- General Classification Prizes, Male and Female: 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies

- Half Marathon General Classification Prizes, Male and Female: 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies

- Half Marathon and 10k Veterans, Male and Female: Trophy for the 1st on each category.


Medical assistance will be available for runners during the race. The Organization recommends all participants to undergo a full medical exam prior to the race. Participants must accept all responsibility for any risk associated with sporting activities.

A physiotherapy service will be available to all runners in need of assistance at the finish line.


Race organizers are not responsible for any physical or moral damages suffered by runners during the race or because of it. All runners must sign a document refusing any type of complaint and exempting the organization of any responsibility, especially on any accident or injury suffered during or after the race, and refuse to take legal action against the organization. The organization has the right to make changes affecting the present regulations. All changes will be published on the race's official website or sent to the runners.

11.- Any conditions or eventualities not covered in this agreement will be ruled by I.A.A.F. and the Cuban Athletics Federation.

12.- All runners starting in the race must accept the present regulations. In case of doubt, the organization’s criteria will prevail.